Featherdale Wildlife Park @ Sydney


Hey my pretty and handsome readers! 

I'm back! I'm back!!!! 
Let me get excited and tell you that, I get to touch a KOALA!!!
Plus take a selfie with him! 
So on the 28th April 2016, it the week of stuvac, which is basically a week of holiday for us students. 
And my friends from uni wanted to bring me around Sydney, cause I haven't been to many place. 
So they recommended Featherdale Wildlife Park, cause we get to touch the animals and also feed them!  
Like, how awesome is that!!
This little wombat just decide to sleep when we wanted to feed it.  
These owls were just sitting there not caring about anyone's business.
Then there's many wallaby jumping around for us to feed them.
Caught in Action!
And of course, how can a wildlife park not have their national animals which are the kangaroos and the koala.
So we have to buy the food to feed the animals in the park.
Which are filled in these cones. A cone is $2 each.
The animals love the cone itself than the actual food in the cone lol!
So yes, as I said above that we get to feed the animals as freely and as much as we want.
(Of course, not towards the vicious animals)
The animals here are really well fed and also really free, which I find that it is important for the animals, so that they can live happy.
They are not caged in one area for their whole life, which is great!
Quokka are the cutest animals ever!
Look at those paws holding my hand! *melts*
And also I have a paw print on my hand which I don't really know from which animal it is.
Cause I fed so many different animals and they just climb up on me with just the mind filled with food!
Like that, they just climb on you! Wanting more food from my hand.
And of course, with the opportunity to get close with these animals, a selfie is a must for everyone.
Wallaby was camera shy.
It was so hard to get a group pic with the animals. ><
That goat loved me for a second and forgets who I was the next second, cause I have no food for him.
And of course, when those two paws holds the cone for its dear life, cuteness overload!
And indeed, good deed pays off, it smiled for me while I took a selfie with it.
(After multiple tries)

Group pic with the Koala! Well the only pic that is presentable hahaha! 
We can never have a good looking group pic! 

Had a fun day in Featherdale Wildlife Park for sure, it's just another level of experience when you get to touch the animals freely. 
Unlike going to the zoo and still have a cage between us and the animals. 
This is fun! 
Hope you guys like this post too!  

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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