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Hi hi =D
This week I don't really have the time to spend and write some nice pretty, lengthy post.
So, I'm gonna post some nice inspiration quotes, just to help you guys be more inspiration and gain confidence in yourself.
These are a few of my favourite quotes.
I hope that these quotes are able to remind you all how amazing you all are! =D  

 In addition...
Lastly, =)

Just wanna apologised that I couldn't write a exact post.
But I've got to try something new. =)
And if you guys wanna know more cool quotes
Check the link down below in my Pinterest. =)

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥


Sekeping Victoria│DCOVA


Hi Heyyy =) 
Went out with Nicole and without LC. Cause she was in KL. 
So yea, on the 6th of March we went to Sekeping Victoria because of the pretty interior and also head to DCOVA for dinner. =) 

Sekeping Victoria is right opposite of China House's back door.
Well for me, it is consider as the back door caused that door was facing at Lebuh Victoria, which is where Sekeping Victoria's entrance is at =D
We went at around 4pm.
The place is open air, and on that day itself, the weather was hot!
So ya, try to find a much cooler time to go there.
Love the interior of the whole place. =)
Just love the walls and the unique chairs, with the trees in between the cafe, but doesn't look too much.
The cafe itself is huge, and they even have places to stay upstairs.
The other side of the cafe =)
Took this pic from the back of the cafe =)
Pretty =D
So we ordered some treats for ourselves.
Owh ya, btw, met Jacques and Annabelle when I reached. =D Hii!!
So back to the food, ordered some quite expensive food. Lol
Mocha RM10.50
And it doesn't taste anything like a mocha, more like a coffee instead. *bleak*
And again coffee art =)
Simple and nice.
Ordered a mille crepe, which I forgotten the name of it ><
But it has alcohol inside for RM15 a piece.
It's quite nice, but I won't order it again.
And that's how I spent my money.
On expensive yet normal tasting food =(
Then, we chatted until there was no one around.
Start taking pictures time.
Candid. Or not?
With someone's help. Or not?
It's up to you to guess =D
And I know Nicole will kill me that I post this pic, but I look nice in this =D
Me not caring about her presence =D
This is what we do in out free time, laugh at some nonsense from social media =D
And this is the truth, me waiting for her to finish up 'our' shared mocha because it tasted more like coffee and I don't like it =D
Love this pic, with the walls and everything =)
Top : Dotti
Shorts : H&M
Shoes : Aldo
Thanks to bff, who manage to take tons of pics and some which I really can post it up.
Me with my serious face on checking up my pics that Nicole took Lol!! 
She was so annoyed that I called her to take pics of me from this angle and that angle =D 
But I know she still love me ♥
Thank you bff ♥♥
Then we head over to DCOVA
Which we heard that it served good and reasonable price pasta.
We went there early, so there's not a single person yet.
Food was amazing for just RM18.90 
Cabonara was really creamy and really delicious, if you ask me I would go back again =D 
 I'm craving for this now =0!!
Waiting for Nicole to finish taking pic of the cabonara =D 
'Are we done here?? I wanna eat!!' =D
Kimono Cardigan : Cotton On (Australia)
Really love the tribal design ♥
And I guess that's the end of my small retreat with Nicole. =)
We went to Coffeesmith later on and just chatted and chatted =)
So ya, just be happy and be like me in the pic.
Run and fly with the wind with a smile =D

P.S. : I think I got a bit crazy at the end of the day =D

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥


Chinese New Year 2015 Lookbook


Hi hi =D 
Back with a fashion post. 
What I wore during the first few days of Chinese New Year 2015 =)  

So let's get started!
Day 1 =) 
Dress : Lynn Boutique 
Heels : Lynn Boutique 
Bag : H&M 
Did make up!
Which is of course a rare occasion =D
I don't look weird, do I?

Day 2 =)
Floral Romper: JayJays
What do you guys think? =)
Night time =)
Top : Uniqlo
Cardigan : Cotton On
Skort : Cotton On
Try to be sexxaaayyyy [failed!] =D
Love the skort!! =)
Day 3
Cardigan : Forever 21
Dress : Dotti
Bag : H&M
I got the dress without thinking much.
But still love it =)
Night time
Dress : Lynn Boutique
Drew eyeliner =0!!
The dress is special.
It's longer on one side than the other.
Yea. That's all. Hahha =D
Day 4/5? [I don't know]
Romper : Dotti
Shoes : Aldo
Bag: H&M
Love the patterns of the dress =)

So that's it for today's post =)
Hope you guys liked it =)
Comment down and tell me which look you guys like =D

Love Me!! XOXO♥♥♥♥


Macallum Connoisseurs Coffee Co.


Hi HI!!! =D 
I'm back with another foodie post =) *smirk*
Me and EeYin hung out again during CNY!! =D Yay!!
On the 26 Feb 2015. 
Went to Macallum Connoisseurs at Lebuh Macallum in Penang. 

It was a easy place to find, when you saw Macallum road sign, it's a huge place that can be easily seen on your left from the highway. 
Parking is also available, which is good! =D 

I went there for brunch. 
There's also a lunch menu from 12pm -4pm [I think] 
But when we reach there it was only around 11.20am. 
So we were lazy to wait till 12pm to order the lunch menu. 
So we ordered the breakfast section =D 
Table 24 yo!
Their deco is just really cute =)
Cakes cakes =D
Quite expensive for my taste. =/
It looks like a warehouse for people to come in and eat.
But it's a really chill place to hang out and talk.
Cause the place is huge and there's space from one table to another. =)

The counter =) lol
Even though they added so much air conditioner, it's still quite hot.
Ya, so I do suggest you guys to find a table which is in front of the fan. =D

While waiting for food, smile =D 
We ordered something for both of us to share, cause EeYin wanted cake =D
Ordered Macallum breakfast, for RM18.
It's not something they are famous for [I think] (I don't even know what they are famous for =/)
But yup, the breakfast is awesome!!
With this price and this portion, I think it's quite good.
And the good thing is fulling too =)
Yumms Yummss!!! *drool*
Ordered Belgium Chocolate cake for RM14 A PIECE!! 
That's quite expensive for a piece of cake.!
But it's really chocolaty! >< 
And it's good!! =0!!! 
After our small brunch, we just hung out and chat. 
Nothing more to tell you guys =P 

Off we go to Karpal Singh Drive. 
Took some pics =) 
Playsuit : Dotti 
Bag : H&M 
Shoes : Aldo 
Love this pic =D
This playsuit is one of my fav item I got from Aussie! =D Love~ 

And of course thanks to EeYin who spent the time with me and help me take pics =D 
And of course! A happy CNY =D
I do love the place, and I know I would go back.
So I really recommend you guys to go and have a try =)

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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