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Hi Hi =D
Sorry for my late update this week, I had a exam last 2 days ago.
Now the important papers are done.
I'm gonna update this post and then head back to study for my MPU. =/
Never liked that subject.

Today I'm going to be talking my ideal modern living room.
The living room furniture is from Modani, a modern furniture store specializing in contemporary and modern furniture.

So let's start shall we? =)
I like my house and rooms to be bright and be in light colour.
So most of the furnitures I choose is either in white or cream in colour.
So that the living room could look much bigger and brighter, especially when you're living a small apartment =)
A living room with a huge window, that is my ideal living room.
Something like this =D

Start from the sofa. =)
A modern sofa type sofa to be exact.
I love this kind of L-shape sofa.
We can lie at one side, and others can still sit on the other side, which is two in one. =)
Cause if you buy a normal sofa, and when you lie on it, there's no more place for others to sit.
So this kind of sofa is perfect! =)

Statement mirrors!
Mirrors is a girl best friend.
So I would choose these kinds of mirror. =)

Mirrors has the ability to make the space more bigger and spacious.
So I love these 2 patterns and I couldn't choose one.

Lights *shine!!*
I would love to put a chandelier in my living room.
But there would be too much work when it comes to cleaning.
So a simple designed light will do. =)

Shelves. =)
Reading is one of my favourite things to do in my past time.
So, books is a must in my living room.
A simple one for decorations like fake flowers and small little cute deco. =)
I chose it in a dark brown colour, so that the whole room doesn't look too white and bright.
At least it could balance it down with the brown. =)
This is in my shopping list when I move. =D

A small simple white chair, to place it beside the sofa.
White of course, so that it could match it with the others.

Some pillows on the sofa and chairs.
These few designs are really cute!
And I love it! 

A silver mirrored vase for the living room is perfect too!
Put colourful flowers in it, make the whole place more cheerful! =)
To make the living room a bit more vintage, place some suitcase at the side to store some stuff in. =)

So ya, we are done with my ideal living room inspiration.
Hope you guys got inspired too =)

Tell me what you guys think about it! =)

Love Me!! XOXO 

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  1. You have given great ideas in your post, love the cushions :)

  2. i think you and I share the same taste! my room is in a similar color scheme as well ;) . I heart the cushions! i wonder if i can get em here.. heh. <3 giggle

  3. really nice choices! i love the mirrors! will totally glam up the living room when you put one on the wall!

  4. I love the stylish cushions - I think they would definitely look good on a modern-type sofa. A huge view and a clean looking living room would be ideal for me, too. x

  5. The great idea for living room. I love the simple concept

  6. I love the second photo. That is a really beautiful living room.

  7. Ideal always great. Hope you can achieve it in action. But I understand the budget is always to problem to achieve the ideal design, so do it. We ganbateh together? =D giglove

  8. Lovely Room inspirations you got there!! I personally loved those suit cases


  9. i love your taste.
    simple but still artistic.. love it!
    so inspiring a lots of people..

  10. Love these inspiration pictures, this is the kind of decor I'd love to have as well! x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  11. Totally love the sofa you picked... maybe not in white but the shape it ideal!

  12. oh my gosh! So awesome! I'm loving the mirrors and the pillows. Thanks for the inspiration! gig


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