"Own Your Bed Head" Project



Hi Hi Guys and Gals =D

Do you guys always wake up in the morning and wish to look with perfect looking smooth hair?
Well, I do. =)
Instead I wake up with messy, tangled hair every morning which is horrible. =(
Bed head is always a problem for me and many other girls out there.

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And here,I'm going to be writing a post about "Own Your Bed Head" project.
This project is for you readers to learn some tips and tricks on how to prevent bed head.

1. Tie up your hair. ♥♥♥♥
I have a night routine hairstyle that I do every time.
I've mentioned this before in my 'How to get Non Heat Natural Wavy Hair'
By using the same method, I tied my hair up into a loose bun and sleep through the night.
This not only helps you by not having tangled and messy hair in the morning, by using this method, it helps you have natural wavy hair.
It's a 1 + 1 trick here!
How can you not use it. *wink* =)

2. Detangled brush♥♥
Which is also one of my most important hair accessories.
I don't use much hair product in my hair nor hair tools.
But this is an exception.
Without this, my hair will look like some kind of girl who haven't brush their hair in a 100 years.

What's so special of this detangled brush is that their bristle is different from a normal brush.
The bristles on a normal hair brush have normal length, but on a detangled brush they have different length of bristles.
So, while using a normal brush on a tangled hair, it will be a painful process.
But with new and improve technology, detangled brush helps you to untagled your hair is a less / no painful process while brushing your hair. =)

Who doesn't want that??

3. Shampoo and Condition your hair. ♥♥
Don't wash your hair everyday. =)
Some people think that there is no need to condition their hair, because they only get to feel the smoothness of their hair in only those few minutes in the shower.
But conditioning your hair helps to protect your hair.

4. Hair tools. ♥♥
I don't use any hot tools on my hair, except for blow dryer. 
But for girls with frizzy hair. Use a flat ironing tool which is perfect!!
It helps to flatten down your hair and it won't look so messy as before.

So here are some of my tips and tricks on how to prevent bed head!
Or I should say to own your bed head ;)
Have fun trying out these tips!!
Good Luck!!

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥

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  1. thank you for recommending these tips! Conditioner or treatment is really a big game changer for great hair!


    Pudding Monster

  2. This is a great night time hair routine for easy styling in the morning. Great tips.

  3. The hair brush looks so pretty! ^_^ I have long hair and i always braid my hair very loosely before sleep.. Nice tips.. giglove

  4. Hi sarah ;) The brush looks so fab! and i love the first tip - hopefully i'll be able to try it out someday haha my hair isn't long enough

    giglove - gilliannong.com

  5. Great tips! I shall try it tomorrow heh and see if it works on me :P


  6. Nice post and great tips. hot irons should not be used on daily basis they can damage your hair a lot. ~ gig

  7. my hair are always a mess in the morning... I wish they were perfect, but they aren't :-(

  8. Thank you for the tips! Looks easy to follow ^^ Nice post!


  9. i used to have horrible bed head with DEAD KNOTS in my hair when i wake up. but after i rebonded my hair, no more bed head! :)


  10. That is such a cute brush! Great tips... Love ur hair :) I have good morning hair, but I love showering in the morning!!! :S


  11. Conditioner does play an important role in our life and they are life savers seriously. I love your tips xx

  12. Thankyou for the tips
    No more bad hair day ^^


  13. Such cool tips dear. I am definitely going to invest in a detangled brush right away. :) GIG

  14. Such cool tips dear. I am definitely going to invest in a detangled brush right away. :) GIG

  15. aww thank you so much for the tips..
    i had a problem to save my time in the morning..
    bad hair day :P

  16. i prefer bun curls than using curlers as i find the curls look a lot nicer

  17. Your hair turned out really well! I love it! giglove

  18. I also always do this thing right before bed just because I don't want my hair to be messy in the morning. Nice sharing, btw! :)


  19. Great tip! thanks for sharing will share it with all my frens who have straight hair! Mine however is wavy naturally!

    GIG Love

    New Post - xoxo Chaicy - Style..A Pastiche!

  20. Great tips!! That's the cutest brush I've ever seen!

  21. Fantastic tips! I've on done the bun one, so will try out the others, thanks for sharing! x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  22. Wow, that's a pretty cool brush. I would look for something similar as I'm trying to develop a habit of brushing my hair properly.

  23. i always wish i can keep my hair long like yours, pretty hair :) gigLove
    @freddy_friday blog


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