Haven Harbour @ Chime Heritage


Hi hi!! =D
I'm back with another food post =) *smirk*

On the 8th of Nov, after I watched the movie 'The Cage' with my friends.
Nicole, LiFang and me went over to Haven Harbour for dinner =D
And also because Nicole wanted to go there for their chocolate drink -.-
So here is a small post about my experience there. =)

Menu =)
I don't know you guys can see it or not, but try to zoom it and have a look. =)
The place was quite dark, cause I went during night time.

So instead of the menu given, they also sell muffins and cupcakes on their counter. =)
Which I didn't try.
 Christmas is coming! =D
The nutcracker decoration is already here on the table. =D
 They also do sell pastries and cakes.
Which I also didn't try, I wasn't hungry at that time, so... yea~
 Cookies is also available beside the cakes.
Looks delish though =D
In the menu, there is this section only for chocolate drink.
They sell hot 54% of Dark Chocolate for RM9.90
Since there's so many cafe opening in Penang, coffee art became something really important for those stores.
And this is one of the best coffee arts I've seen so far! =)
It's really chocolaty and taste seriously super duper good! =D
I would go back for another cup, of course! *thumbs up!*

And of course, a cup of chocolate doesn't help to fill our stomach.
So we ordered a creamy carbonara at the pasta section in the menu. =)
For RM18.90
They look good, don't they?
And they taste good too! 
Super creamy, the flaw is that I kept on biting on to pepper.
Their pepper is in bits, and not in powder form, so you kept biting it while eating your pasta. =/
Every stomach sure have a small place for desserts.
And we ordered one too!
Well we came here is for this and also for the chocolate drink.
Chocolate is seriously your stomach's best friend ;)
Chocolate Assiette RM16.90
In simple words, chocolate lava cake with marshmallow and ice cream. =)
The price is quite expensive for me.
But the taste is just heavenly, chocolaty and just great to make your day! =D

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If you are having a bad day, go eat this! =)
I'm sure it will make you smile. =) 

So, that's it for my small little food post.
Stay happy and smiley everyday!
Don't let negativity bring you down.
Cause chocolates will save your day! =D

Love Me!! XOXO


Men in Suits


Hi hi =D

I'm here to write about one of the most innovative fall season men suits. =)
Yea, I know this is weird about me writing about men suits.
But I have to try.
Be happy I'm writing for the dudes out there today and not the girls. =)

Bonobos is a clothing brand focused on delivering great fit, high energy, and superb customer experience. 
Launched in 2007 on the Internet with its signature line of better-fitting men’s pants, Bonobos is now the largest apparel brand ever built on the web in the United States. 
In 2011 Bonobos extended offline, launching Bonobos Guideshops, e-commerce showrooms that deliver personalized, one-to-one service to those wanting to experience the brand in-person. 
In 2012, Bonobos expanded its distribution partnering with Nordstrom, bringing Bonobos apparel into select doors nationwide and to 
Across channels, Bonobos is focused on delivering a well-targeted brand promise: world-class fit, an innovative shopping experience and an energetic brand spirit. 
Bonobos was named "One of America’s Hottest Brands" by Advertising Age, "Best Men’s Pants" by New York Magazine, one of Inc. Magazine’s "20 Awesome Facebook Pages" and was awarded Crain’s "Best Places to Work in New York City". 

So since I'm not a dude who wear suits.
I have not much experience in suits.
But I'm going to write what I like about men styles in suits. =)

First of all suits is a very classy and formal outfit to wear.
It just turns a boy into a man.
180 degree change.
It makes a man looks much more snazzy and cool and a lot more attractive too. =)

How I wish my man to style in their suits.
1. Suit and tie

For me, I personally love darker colour shades of suits instead of white and lighter shades.
Suits that styles with a tie is a look that I love the most. ♥♥
The pic above is a non-collar suit that will be suitable for much matured older looking men.
So that they can look much younger and still look attractive at the same time. =)
This pic above is just like Christian Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey.

Tie colour must of course match the suit you wear.
Since you are wearing a dark colour suit, it's the best you wear a darker shade of tie.
But a lighter shade is also possible. =)

Tip: If your suit has pattern like the pic above. Is the best that you choose a plain no patterned tie =)

2. Suit and tie
Yes, we are still at the suit and tie look. ♥♥
But it gives a totally different vibe to it. =)
A collared suit makes the whole look looks formal and suited for a formal event.
Since, from the pic above, the guy's suit is plain black suit, so he can match it with a patterned tie.
Which will still look great for a guy at that young age.
It doesn't look like he aged much.
Just look much more matured.
So this is also one of my other favourites. =)

3. Bow tie
Instead of tying a tie, wear a bow tie instead. =)
Since wearing a tie can make you look much older. [ No offence, but it's true ]
Wear a bow tie makes you look much younger and cuter too.

4. Semi-Casual look
Looking for a casual look?
Or let's say semi-formal. =)
Wear a pattern shirt underneath your suit.
This whole outfit will look so much more casual and perfect for smart casual events =)

5. Styled hair
Whenever you wear a suit, please please style your hair.
I personally like it when men style their hair upwards.
It makes your whole look more matured and charming.
Tip : Upwards and side ways. ♥♥

6. Fitted suits.
Buy a fitted suit, means a suit that fits your body.
Don't buy a suit which is oversized, it will make your whole look shabby.
Not good looking too.
Go to the tailor and have them measure your body to make the most fitted suit for you. =)

Good luck and look good!!

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥


The Cage | 懼場


Hey Hey people around the world =)

On the 8th of Nov, my friends and I went to watch a Malaysian movie.
You know what they say, support local products!! Lol.
And so we did.
This movie is acted from almost all Malaysian actors/actresses. So yea! Go support! =)

I have to say this year, I watched a lot of local produced movies than I thought I would watch.
My friends were saying that how shock they were, when they heard me [ a very westernised girl ] watching some Chinese films.
I mean, why not?
I'm a Chinese ;)

So in this months' buzz is this movie called The Cage.
My friends were asking me whether I want to go watch with them or not.
Well people like me who doesn't follow the local news, know and heard nothing about this movie before.
I made my friends to tell me the story for me before I go and watch. =D

Let me give you a brief synopsis about this movie.
It's quite attractive actually. =)
The Cage is a non-scripted Malaysia Chinese Reality [ yes, it's reality ] Movie.
What does it mean by reality?
This movie is taken 1scene 1 shot and No NG at all!!
I mean just hearing these 2 sentences, already made my brain cells working on how they are going to act and make the movie.
This is just awesome! ♥♥
No movie was made like this before.
And as a Malaysian, I'm proud to say that this is a proud Malaysian product right here. =)

They had two movies before, which was only screened on television only.
So there's not much buzz about it.
If you are curious, it's called the 夺命游戏1 and 夺命游戏2.
I heard from my friends, the 2nd movie was much scarier. *shrug, I have no idea, but I'm going to go watch it soon =)*
So yes, The Cage, is the 3rd movie made with this concept.

Now you're thinking how this movie is made?
I was thinking about it the whole time. =D
There were actors interviewed at the end of the movie, saying that since this is a non- scripted movie.
Whatever they said is what they just thought of at that moment, all their reaction and their facial expression is all real.
It is not an act but a real expression, by meaning how they feel at that moment is how their face expression will show in real life.
So as they said, even though my character's name is Ah Jie, but how I react to that scene at that moment is me and not the character.
How they feel, what they say, how the sequence of the murder should be, is all based on the actors themselves on that stage.
So I guessed when shooting this movie, everyone should be really alert on what's going on around them.
Minds should act very fast too!

So, what is The Cage about?
The Cage is about a stage performance, and 6 actors/ actresses were lock in a cage.
One by one an actor/ actress was murdered from a unknown murderer.
When they asked for help from the audience, the audience only applauded for them.
The actors/actresses must find out who the murderer is, so that they could get out of the cage alive.

Yes, that's a really brief story for you guys.
If this show is a horror film, I wouldn't be here talking about this movie with you guys already =D
But this film has a little bit of comedy, action and thriller!! =D

My own point of view of this movie is,
It's not as tense as I thought it would be.
But it's gruesome for me. There's blood everywhere. [ I mean, come on, there's dead people on stage]
Just thinking about walking around through those corpse on a small locked cage.
It's just disgusting for me.
I was like 'Owh shit!', 'Eewww' and ' What the heck?!' a lot of times during the film. =D
Even though, this movie is PG13.
What I like about this movie is that, it make you think who is the murderer in the movie.
It make you think hard and long.
And you just keep on guessing until the end of the movie.
But if you did get it correct then congrats to you!!

Should you go and watch the movie?
I would say I have no regrets watching this movie. =)
Is up to you guys to decide.

So have fun!
Think hard and don't let people lock you in a cage *wink*

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥


"Own Your Bed Head" Project



Hi Hi Guys and Gals =D

Do you guys always wake up in the morning and wish to look with perfect looking smooth hair?
Well, I do. =)
Instead I wake up with messy, tangled hair every morning which is horrible. =(
Bed head is always a problem for me and many other girls out there.

Casper is a U.S. company which developed and crafted with exacting standards of mattress.
Their mattress is made from premium latex foam for cooling and bounce. Memory foam for supportive comfort too.
What's awesome about Casper is that they are resilient enough to compress-ship and fit through any door. 
Be sure to check out Casper Mattress!

And here,I'm going to be writing a post about "Own Your Bed Head" project.
This project is for you readers to learn some tips and tricks on how to prevent bed head.

1. Tie up your hair. ♥♥♥♥
I have a night routine hairstyle that I do every time.
I've mentioned this before in my 'How to get Non Heat Natural Wavy Hair'
By using the same method, I tied my hair up into a loose bun and sleep through the night.
This not only helps you by not having tangled and messy hair in the morning, by using this method, it helps you have natural wavy hair.
It's a 1 + 1 trick here!
How can you not use it. *wink* =)

2. Detangled brush♥♥
Which is also one of my most important hair accessories.
I don't use much hair product in my hair nor hair tools.
But this is an exception.
Without this, my hair will look like some kind of girl who haven't brush their hair in a 100 years.

What's so special of this detangled brush is that their bristle is different from a normal brush.
The bristles on a normal hair brush have normal length, but on a detangled brush they have different length of bristles.
So, while using a normal brush on a tangled hair, it will be a painful process.
But with new and improve technology, detangled brush helps you to untagled your hair is a less / no painful process while brushing your hair. =)

Who doesn't want that??

3. Shampoo and Condition your hair. ♥♥
Don't wash your hair everyday. =)
Some people think that there is no need to condition their hair, because they only get to feel the smoothness of their hair in only those few minutes in the shower.
But conditioning your hair helps to protect your hair.

4. Hair tools. ♥♥
I don't use any hot tools on my hair, except for blow dryer. 
But for girls with frizzy hair. Use a flat ironing tool which is perfect!!
It helps to flatten down your hair and it won't look so messy as before.

So here are some of my tips and tricks on how to prevent bed head!
Or I should say to own your bed head ;)
Have fun trying out these tips!!
Good Luck!!

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥

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