Pit Stop ♥ Coffee Smith 30/7/14


Heeellllooooo!!!  =D
This is another small outing with my bestie Ee Yin. =)

From the title, I guess you can see where we went to.
So let' just get started, shall we?

Pit Stop is a place that many of my friends recommended me to go.
They told me that their carbonara is really good.
I went in the morning, and I don't want to fill my stomach too much, so I didn't order it.
But I will go again next time to try it! =)

This cafe served all day breakfast!!
Isn't that cool or what!

The interior has a vintage look with some antique stuff in it.

Anyway, I ordered Berry Banana Pancake RM10
It's served with pancake, banana, strawberries, walnuts and ice cream!!

Awesome or what?!
I had ice cream in the morning as my breakfast! lol

I love the pancake, but it's a little bit thick for me.
I rate it 7/10

If I'm not wrong Ee Yin ordered Bacon and Cheese Sandwich for RM12
It served with potato wedges as the side. =)

I guess the make up bug caught me, and I did some make up which is rare!
I mean of course I put BB cream before I go out, is just that today's look is added with some eyeliner and trying out my new brow kit.
So, taaadddaahhhh!!
My simple make up look. =)

[Which I don't do it more than 5 times in a year] Lol!!

What I wore :
Top : Debenhams
Shorts : Voir Jeans
Shoes : Aldo

Then we just sit and chat for a long time!!

At around 11'30 am, we head over to the new cafe called Coffee Smith.
Heard many good reviews on their food.
So we went over to give it a try as our brunch. =D

When you first step in, there's this weird smell.
Is it just me or you guys who went before smell it to?

The interior =)

We were quite full from our breakfast, so we decided to just share our brunch.

Ordered a Potted Cocoa for around RM 12 [ I don't really remember the price ]
Is like Chocolate Ice Blended. =)
So is just 6/10.

My bro went there before, and told me to try their Linguine. And I did. =)
So this is one of their best seller called Scallop and Mentaiko Cream Linguine for RM22

The first time you taste it, you will definitely say it's good. ♥♥
This dish is totally worth the money, for RM22 you can get two huge scallop.
Which I feel is really worth it. =)

I'll give this dish 7/10 =)

And that's the end of our little food adventure around Penang.

Happy that I get to hang with you again before our huge exam approach.
Good luck in yours and study smart ya!
Don't stress yourself too much =))
Hearts ♥♥

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥


MoonTree 47 Cafe ♥ Hercules 29/7/14


Hey hey pretties =))
Now as promised, I'm gonna post another post up this week.
And so here I am =D

Went out with my high school buddy, Purdy =)
We haven't met for almost a year plus, so it was a joy to see her again!
All we did was just catching up with each other.
Nothing much to say =D

Purdy is a huge fan of MoonTree 47 Cafe's food.
So she brought me over there, since I've never been there before.
The store is right beside the Camera Museum, so it should be easy to find =)
And yes, MoonTree Cafe is on Muntri Street. =)

I had Egg Benedict with side salad.
It was a little salty for me.
So yea. The portion is quite big, I like that =)

Purdy love, I really mean LOVE their French Toast.
So maybe you can go try it out =)
Cause there's bacon in it =D
Anything that has bacon in it, is always nice! =))

No photo taking in the cafe, so sorry I can't show you how it looks inside. *shrugs*

Then as any normal hang out, we went to watch Hercules.
Not a good film to watch.
After I came out from the cinema, my mind was like : that's a waste of money. =D
And it's true.!

If you're truly curious about the film, just buy DVD or just watch it online.
It's really not worth those movie tickets to go and watch it. =/

Finally pics of Purdy and me =D ♥♥

So, I guess that sums up what I wanna say in this post =)
Have a great weekend!!
And I'll 'see' you guys next week =)

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥


Brother's Graduation + What I wear 16/8/14


Hey yo!!
I'm back with another post, this just happened last weekend and I want to post this first before all the other post about my outing with my friends.
Well duh, this is more important to me.

My brother graduated from Uni!! Yay him!!!
My family and I went down to KL to attend his graduation.
Well duh, the first child in the family graduated from uni, how can we not go. ='D

Even though it is held in a convention centre, and the convocation is in a hall.
We needed to buy tickets to go in, so in the end my parents went in.
Me and my younger bro just waited outside the hall for almost 2 hours. =/
Well thanks to technology, we weren't that bored while waiting =D

We are siblings after all. =D
I purposely made my eyes smaller to match his. Lol
My brother's eyes is so small =D

Flowers for bro and his gf =)

Congratulation bro and bro's gf =D !!!

Family pic =) ♥♥

What I wore :
Mint Dress : Debenhams
Shoes : Toms

Meet my brothers, the ones who will never ever take good pics with me.
Welcome to my world. =D

If you can't beat them, join them, right? hahha =D ♥♥

I know this is a short post.
I'll update one more post this week too =)
So wait for it yea =))

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥


Coffee Element with The Girls ♥ 28/7/14


On a typical Monday morning, I went out with Nicole and LC
Okay!!! Rewind a bit. It's like I'm writing a story here *smack forehead*

Hi HI!! =DD
Now I'm going to update on what I did on a week of my Raya holiday =)
So here's the first day on my Raya holiday =)

I went out with Nicole and LC to Coffee Element at All Seasons in Farlim. =)
Just the normal girls hanging =) Nothing much.
I mean you guys read tons of posts with me and the girls already.
And yes that's what we do everytime we hang.
Which is eat!!! =D
Well cause, between us 3, Nicole is the one who doesn't gain weight easily and can eat lots.
Envy?? You should be.
She doesn't even have a belly.!!!!
So whenever, we hang out, we just sit, eat and chat. =)
And thanks to her, we are the fatter ones. =/

Yes, this is gonna be another food post!!
And there'll be more in the future, I ate quite a lot that week =/

Coffee art in Penang is quite a huge thing.
But too bad, I don't drink coffee.

So scratch that!!
Here is Chocolate Art =))
Just a normal art design =)

We came to Coffee Element at around brunch time.
And I needed a cup of chocolate / milo every morning (still have that sweet tooth)
I went with an empty stomach, so yea, I ordered this.
Why am I even explaning this to you guys ='D
I really love this Cocoa Supreme [ If that's what it is called, or the other way round ]
8 over 10 it is =D

Next, we ordered a bagel with turkey breast I think. If I do remember correctly.
The bagel is from Rainforest Bakery, so it taste the same as Mugshot Cafe's bagel. =/
Same same.
I would give this around 6 over 10.

Since it's brunch time, and there's 3 of us eating.
We ordered Bolognese Spaghetti to share.
Ya, we share everything ='D
Just normal spaghetti, nothing special *shrugs*
6 over 10.

Yes, I do know that my Cocoa is a little out of shape dy. Lol

And if you thought our food journey is done for the day,
You're wrong!

We went over to Stone Age.
Cause the skinny girl is not full enough =D

She ordered deer meat I think, and overcook it.
So it feels like I'm eating hard meat that can't break into pieces.
Because of her cooking,
I rate this 4 out of 10.

Me and LC shared a dish of our childhood snack.
Popcorn Chicken =D
The portion they gave us is quite a lot. =)
8 over 10 if you ask me.

So I guess that's it for today's post =)
Love this pic a lot =D

Chat with you guys in the next post =)
I hope I didn't make you guys hungry =D

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥


KL Clothing Haul


Hi Hi!! =D
From last week's post which is the accessories and beauty haul from my trip to KL.
Now is my Clothing Haul. YAY!!! =D
The link to my accessories and beauty haul

Less crap talk and let's start shall we? =)
[ Asian eyes -.- ] =D

What I'm wearing :
White top : Uniqlo
Shorts : Forever 21
Oversized Jacket : Zara
Shoes : Toms

I was never a fan of Toms. I have to admit. Maybe it was because of how it's design. I don't know.
It never attract me in the first place. =/

My bro who came back from US last year bought a pair, and kept on complimenting how comfortable it was.
Too bad there's no Toms here in Penang.

So when we went to KL, my bro pulled me along to find another pair of Toms for himself.
I just went along to help him choose, but in the end I was mesmerized by this pair of Toms.
The colour is in pastel, and who can say no to those colours?!!
I'm in love!! ♥♥
And the pattern for every pair of shoes is a little bit different, so yes my shoes is one of a kind =D

Then I knew that, if you buy one pair of Toms, a pair of shoes will be given to the unfortunate kids out there who doesn't have shoes to wear.
Isn't that great?? You are doing a good deed there, just by buying a pair of Toms. =)

Next, this oversized jacket from Zara was on sale, half the original price if I do remember it correctly =)
I was shopping with my cousin, when I saw this.
Love!!!! ♥♥
My cousin was complaining to me, when are you going to wear this jacket if you are staying in such a hot country.
Oh I will find a way, don't worry =D

This is an oversized jacket. It's something new to me.
So I don't know if I pulled it off nicely or not? *shrugs*

What attracts me the most on this jacket is the floral patterned on it.
It's not that obvious, just a light, pale coloured pattern and I like it a lot.

Up to the next item. =))
This shorts is from Forever 21.
When I saw it, my first reaction was : This is soo cute!! =D
I never owned a striped shorts before. So this is a perfect opportunity to try it.
Too bad this isn't on sale, but I have my student card with me, so I get a 10% off =))
[ the advantages of being a student =) ]

Next item was from Uniqlo.
I love Uniqlo for it's basic tops and jeans. ♥♥
Cause it's so comfortable!! =D
I went into Uniqlo and saw this top that was on sale for RM19.90
And this is not something I will buy also, but with my cousin's persuasion, we both bought one each.
I had in the colour black and she had in the colour white.

What's so special about this top is that, from a far, is just a normal top.
But if you do look closely, it's semi-sheered in stripes.

This is a floral printed shorts that I purchased from Forever 21.
Which is also not on sale, but I do have a 10% off for this item too =)

As you can see, I love floral patterns =D ♥♥
Just some normal white shorts, with black flower pattern on it. Haha =)

Up close

This is also another Forever 21 purchased.
It was a new arrival, and again is floral printed top. =D
Flowers is just the best! =D
Cause it brings out the girly you =))

As you can see, it's a white base colour, with pink roses all over.

But what is so fun about this top is that, it has crochet, with this cut out at the back. =D
Another love : Crochet!! ♥♥
I couldn't resist when I saw this top floral patterned in pink! with crochet!!
I just have to get it =D

Last item which is also from Forever 21.
I realised I bought a lot of Forever 21 stuff. But not all is cheap. =/

Anyway, I have a muscle-T back home, and I needed a colourful bandeau or tube top to wear inside my top.
I saw this tribal printed one, which is the same price as the plain colour tube top.
So I bought this instead of  a normal tube top. =)

Even though it is written as a crop top, I wouldn't wear this just as a crop top. No way! Lol

I really really love it =)) ♥♥
Really love the prints and the colours. =)

So that's all the things I bought from my KL trip last month. =)
I hope you enjoy reading this post.
Comment down below and tell me what's your fav item.
And I'll chat again with you in my next post =)
Bye!! =DD

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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