KL Accessories & Beauty Haul


Hi Hi!!! =D
Today, I'm gonna share with you guys half of the things I'd bought from my KL trip a few weeks back =)
So from the title this post is going to be on the beauty stuff and accessories that I've bought.
Clothing will be in the next post, since I don't want to do a huge post for all the things I bought.
It will take me 'months' to do it hahaha

NOTE : I wanna share this post, so that I could get tips from you guys on how to dress with it and style it. This is not about bragging, okay? =)

We'll go on the Beauty products that I've bought. =)
Benefit Brow Kit.

I needed a new product to draw my brows, and I read quite many good review on this product.
So yea, I bought it to try it out. =)

As the shop assistant recommended, I bought in the shade - medium.

Next is the Maybelline - The Hyper Curl Volume Express Waterproof

I just bought it because I wanted a new mascara that's all.
And this one comes in a good price and with good reviews.
So why not? =)
And of course I'm willing to take recommendations on other good make up products.
Please share =)

Jewellery time =))
To say the least, I don't wear much jewellery.
In almost all the pictures you saw in my blog, I usually wear one necklace, one hair tie and sometimes a watch.
And that's probably it.
So when I was in Forever 21, I saw this necklace, it looks special to me. ♥♥
Cause it reflects the light. And is in a heart shape. =D
I think this was only RM9. I know is less than 10 bucks.
Yes, it was on sale =D

This next jewellery, is way out of my comfort zone.
I don't wear bracelets. Rarely!
But when I saw this I couldn't resist.
Don't ask me why. Cause maybe it looks different. =)
This is a super super boho look, which is one of the styles I love. =) ♥♥

Bags!! =D
I wanted to find a new bag for quite some time now.
And when I was in Mark and Spencer, I saw this one on a dummy.
It was a limited edition collection and it cost the same as the normal bags on the rack.
So definitely, yes!! ♥♥
The problem with this bag is that the straps were quite long. =/
But it's okay. =))

My mom is a huge fan of flower patterns, which also equals to Cath Kidstons.
She's a huge fan.
And I too =D
So I got this like A4 size sling bag for school.
Super love the flower pattern!! ♥♥

That's not all!!
When I'm bored with one pattern.
I can turn it inside out and use another pattern.
Cool or what?!!! =DD

This is another flower pattern. =)
I bought 2 pattern in 1 bag =D
Awesome! Totally worth it!!

When everyone saw this dog, they will think of Radley London.
But for me, I'll think of my dog Whisky!! [Yes, my dog name is whisky, yes from the whiskey you drink, the same whisky]
=D ♥♥
Whenever I went into the store, I will shout, okay maybe not shout but say excitingly, Whisky immediately haha =D
This purse was on sale btw.
And I couldn't resist the temptation to get Whisky in my hands. =D
So I got it.

But what attracts me the most is the inside.
I super love the colours!! ♥♥
Look at the colours!!
So pastel =D [ I edited the exposure so it looks darker a bit]
I really love the combination. =) ♥♥

So yea, that's all I had with the accessories and beauty haul from KL.
Please do tell me some tips and tricks and share it too =)

I'll do the clothing or fashion haul in my next post.=))

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥


The Fault in Our Stars


I just watched the movie few hours ago. =D
Not even after 24 hours and I'm eager to type about this movie in my blog.
After I had watched finish the film, my mind was inspired? , that I wanna write it down =)
So here I am hahaha
Writing away
Anyway less crap talk, more movie talk, shall we? =)

The Fault in Our Stars is based on a best - selling novel written by John Green, who is a Youtuber.
I didn't know who he is, until someone told me about it.
Actually I knew about the movie is because of Shailene Woodley, I knew her from the TV series The Secret Life of the American Teenager.
She's also in the movie Divergent, which was also a really popular movie.
I just knew that Ansel Elgort also played in the movie Divergent as Shailene's brother.
Whao coincidence much?!

Anyway after so much ads about this movie, it became a hit.
And I myself also want to know why it suddenly became a hit, so I went around the internet and downloaded the pdf file of the book.
Read it in a really fast speed, lets say around 3 days? [ I think ]

I have to say maybe I read it in such a rush, I didn't really feel much emotion towards it.
But I heard from some of my friends who read it, said they tear up a little bit while reading.
Oh whao too bad for me who was being cold hearted lol -.-

Anyway let's get to the movie talk shall we?
I've talk lots of crap up there.
So, the movie came out late here in my country, which I'm totally sad about.
The movie came out in the early June in US, but in my country it just came out around this week.
I have to wait for more than a month. ><
Because of being so late to show in my country, news and reviews were posted in the media world.
And of course, I've read some =D

So, tons of people warned and said, this movie is going to give you some water work.
Or maybe said, just bring tissue along with you when you watch this movie.
I have to admit, I can cry easily when watching any kind of movies which involves crying scenes.
But I can't cry easily during graduation or some other events. Weird right?
I only can cry when I'm looking infront of the screen or when I'm really stressed out.
Okay out of topic again [ what's wrong with me?! ]
But I have to say, it's true. Especially girls like me who cry easily when watching sad scenes, please bring tissues along.

Maybe because I've already prepared myself that I'm going to cry when watching this movie.
I didn't cry as hard as I thought I would. Which was a relive. =D
But the girls beside me, cried way harder than me,
They even pulled out tons of tissues, and the sniffled from their crying is way more worst than me.
I think they got it way worst. ;)
Some girls who sat infront of me had stuff all their tissues in the cup holder at the arm chair.
Which I find disgusting, and also made me realised they cry a lot more than me haha.
So, I have to say I did not cry as much =)
You don't have to worry about crying in public while watching this movie.
Just like Titanic =) Because everyone in the cinema is going to cry together with you.
Yes, I promised you will shed some tears.
I went to watch with my brother, and I think he did shed some too. [ Didn't really notice, but I think he did ]
Those are my thoughts of the crying part for this movie.

Now review of this movie.
I did read the book before the movie came out.
So all the main details are in the movie, which I know will not disappoint the fans at all. =)
And of course because this movie is a PG13 in my country.
One scene has to be cut out!! Argh hate it when they cut it out.
Other than that, I have to say they do follow the story details really closely =)
Which is a plus for them.

I just have to write down some of my fav scenes in this movie.
Sorry to those who haven't watched it yet. *not feeling guilty at all*

-Super love this movie because there's comedy scenes in it. Instead of focusing all on the sad scenes, there's going to be some time that you will be laughing away.

-I have to say I love dramatical scenes, the worst it gets the more I love that scene. In this movie, Augustus was crying in his jeep at the petrol station and he called Hazel for help. In most movies, the actors/actresses will cry but in a pretty way. But I have to say Ansel Elgort who play Augustus did a damn good job crying in this scene. He did not only cry super ugly, but there were snot and saliva and gosh thumbs up for you! Not many people can cry like that in front of the camera. Even though he was meant to be in pain and self upset. But still thumbs up!! =))

-Another scene was when Hazel needed to climb the stairs, she gets tired easily because of her lungs. And she also did a really good job too. She make me feel tired when I saw her getting tired after climbing up those steps.

-And of course who wouldn't love those few scenes when Hazel and Augustus being sweet and lovely together =)

-I also love the scenes when Hazel is talking sense about life instead of people trying hard to admit in their hard life. Even though is in the book, I still love how she said it out.

If you ask me whether or not you should go and watch the movie?
Yes you should go check it out.
It will be worth your movie ticket, cause the movie is quite long and it's good and it makes you cry. ='D
And of course, sorry for the long ramble in this post just for a movie.
I just wanted to write it all out before I forget anything ;))

-The Fault in Our Stars

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥




Hey Hey people!! =D
It's been 2 weeks since I ignored my blog.
Why?? You asked.
I've got bitten by the lazy bug. Yup!! I'm sick!!
My disease : Lazy!!
Now on the way to recovery, I've started writing again. =)
So hope you guys enjoyed this throwback events which was a month long ago.
Heh sorry la ha =D

So on the 5/6/14
I went back to my high school with some of my friends to... let's say to do some things.
Anyway after we were done with our business.
Me and Wing Keh went out for lunch. =D
Since we both haven't met for what?? 1 year plus??!
Yeah quite a long time already, compare to when we were in high school we meet almost everyday.
We just had lunch, and had a long chat!!
Which was something I missed the most during high school.
Just get to sit down and chat with her is just great!! =))
And I'm always happy to have her as my great close friend. =))

Another day 7/6/14 Ke Yin's Birthday Party

Ke Yin who is also Sab, that I sometimes mention in my blog =)
She's been my bff since kindergarten believe it or not!!! Hahaha It's true!!
We found each other again during primary school when I transferred to her school, since then we were bestie again =D
Anyway, she held what she called ' my last year as a teen' birthday party!! LOL
No no, her actual theme is a costume party, but since she gave me a late invite, I didn't have the time to prepare a costume for her party *shrugs*
She held a day earlier from her actual birthday. =D
So anyway she invited tons of people.
Mostly her family, friends from her current school, and some from my school [which was her last school]
Thanks to KY with had a mini reunion =D
After we all separated after graduation, I never met any of my classmates except some who were in the same college as mine.

I was happy I get to meet all of you guys again =D
Hope to see you all again soon =) ♥♥

Yup since I'm still kinda sick [not really] =P
I've wrote this short little post that happened in the past month =D
Have an enjoyable summer for those who are celebrating summer =D
And of course,
Hello July!!! =D

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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