We meet again 28/5/2014


Hey hey gals and guys =))
Finally done with the tutorials I wanna share with you guys.
Now it's time for my own stories or I should say how I spent my days with my bestie =)) [ Yes, there's more than one outing, if you are wondering =) ]
It was the beginning of the school holiday for Ee Yin, and I was also in a two week exam-less while waiting for my last paper. [Sucks, I know]
So, Ee Yin texts me to ask me out, why not? I have like 2 weeks to spent =P
Eventually we went out =D
I think I don't have to introduce to you guys who is Ee Yin dy right?
She was in many of my posts I wrote, go check it out then =)

Ee Yin and me went back to our high school to get our SPM certificate.
Yes I know it's no use anymore, but I took the exam, so please give me the cert!! =D
Anyway after having a little chat with our old teachers
We went to Gurney Paragon. =)
I wanted to try Brown Pocket badly, with my huge love of waffles and ice cream.
I have to go in and try it at least once. =)
We sat at the end of the cafe =)
Since I want the sunlight for good pics =D [ Natural lighting is the best! =)) ]

Table 17 =D

Ee Yin with her new phone!! Lol!!
Finally I can whatsapp her instead of sms =P

I orderded their signature Triple Chocolate Waffle for RM18.90
From the beginning, when they just launched the store, they served 2 pieces of waffles with 2 scoops of ice creams.
But now it's only one waffle and one scoop of ice cream. =/ [ meh~]
They cut down on the serving portion! Why??

It's also served with Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate =)

Poured the three chocolate goodness on top.
Yummmss!! =D
You can never hate chocolate, that's all I can say =)  

A bit of selfie =)  
Showing off my new hair!! =)
I have bangs, and my hair is shorter now. =) 
Do I look weird with bangs?? 
I just swept them all to the side since it's so irritating -.- 

Went for a walk to digest our stomach =D
Since we were bored, I asked EY to help me take a few pics =)

Cap : Uniqlo
White Top : Uniqlo
Burgundy Skirt : Cotton on
Shoes : Aldo

The Same is Lame!!
So be different =)

We went to watch X-Men : Days of Future Past
I've watched it the second time, well since there's no other movies to watch
We can either choose The Amazing Spiderman 2 or X-Men.
I've watched both before, so I rather watched X-Men again =D

Then after the movie, we went to Victoria Rossa =))
Finally after so long we get to go there =))
Look how pretty the place is.
Just to say this we were the only customer that evening, so we get to have as much fun as we like. =)

They even have a basket for you to put your bags =D

Menu, Very floral =D

Their outdoor table for 2 only.

They also sells pastries for you all to take away =)

While waiting for our food, why not take another selfie LOL!! 
I look so blur, or blank I should say ;) 
Love my eyes though [shameless me] =))) 

I ordered some kind of peach tea, that I don't even remember the name.

EY and I shared our dinner.
She ordered beef bolognese with butter rice =)

And I ordered their tea set!
Pretty isn't?  
This is almost RM30+ [it comes with the tea I ordered]

After hours of chatting, we finally decided to go home =)
I had fun with you as always!! =))

Looking forward to our next outing =))
Study hard on your studies, even though I know you can do it! =)
Don't pressure yourself too much.
Love ya!!  

Love Me!! XOXO  

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  1. I really like your outfit. It's so low maintenance and comfortable. :)

  2. I love your outfit. Simple but chic and girly. Love the place and the food too. The food seems yummy and now it makes me hungry.


  3. Great pictures!! Looks like a wonderful day - I love your look too, a chic little combination, looks amazing on you! <3 GIGLove

  4. That looks like a lovely place to have afternoon tea with friends.. I shall visit there if I ever go to penang.. :D


  5. Awww looks so yummy! I wanted to try Brown Pocket also T_T

  6. The place looks great! And your photos too! I love your outfit, very simple! I missed going out with my friends, well I hope I have. Haha!

  7. OMG !!! That place looks like a very nice soothing place for hi-tea with friends. Everything looks SO cute including you..... You looked so cute too xx

  8. cute place omg! such a nice one.. and delicious food :3
    btw you look nice with that outfit..

  9. I love your outfit and X MEN is amazing :-D Best movie ever ! :-D

  10. im craving the waffle T^T you make me want to wear caps again! havent worn them for years now

  11. Your skirt is super cute i love it on you :)

  12. Oh, looks so fun! You always have nice girl dates. I like your cap! And that tea set looks nice.

  13. Looks like you had a great time! the food looks absolutely delicious and your outfit, gorgeous as usual.

  14. Looks like you both had a fun time! I've yet to see spiderman or xmen yet. I do plan to though. gig

  15. Your pictures are so cute! The food looks delicious and you look great in that outfit.
    Michelle | A Lovely Allure

  16. this post is have a lot of interesting things from food to ootds... keep it up! :)

    -from gig
    Swirls and Scribbles

  17. I love that outfit with the cap on - so cute.


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