Daorae Date =) 26/3/2014


Hey Beauties and Handsomes =))
On the 26 of March, Lerk Chieh , Nicole and Me went out for a dinner date =)
Since Nicole is back from studies for a few months.
But we met up earlier cause Me and LC are having exam soon. =((
It's like a tradition, when one get backs from out of state, we hang out just to catch up with each other. =)
So I was like let's just get it done!! =D

We went t Daorae for dinner, since Korean is such a trendy thing right now.
People wanna try their food too =/
And when people, I meant Nicole and LC.
At first I'm not use to eating Korean food, example : kimchi.
But after my friends brought me to many different places to try different types of Korean food.
Now I got the hang of it. =DD

So, Nicole fetch us and went to Daorae which is beside I-Avenue.
I've no idea how to order Korean food.
So I let the older do the choosing =DD
Which was a lie, I did some of the decision =P

What I like about Daorae is that there's free flow of side dish!! =DD
Which is damn awesome. =))
Super thankful for my friends who gave me a heads up! Or else, we will be blur from the many side dishes that came =))

Taking pics of vege and sesame oil and chilli paste and garlic!! *face palm!!!*
Lol!!! I was speechless. -.-

In the end I joined in......... to show it to you guys =))

Seaweed soup for everybody!! =))

Whole table full of side dishes!! =DDDDD

This plate of salad. They put like strawberry sauce as their salad dressing, and it's just weird!! =/
Not just weird but really really sweet!!!
Diabetes alert!

So food pics are up!
I hope you guys like my editing on this one.
Please tell me below =))

Love Daorae service too!!
We don't have to grilled our meat on our own =)
I mean we do, it's that maybe the workers saw us 3 girls came in, so they helped out more =D
Thanks dude!! =))

Okay I'm copying all names from LC's blog.

Which is thick, fatty slices of pork belly meat.

BBQ-ing in progress =))

Cut into smaller pieces =))

Looks delish!!
Feel like eating it all over again while I'm typing this. *drool*

We have to order minimum two types of meat to grilled.

So, Next up,
This is stir fry or grilled? marinated with chilli pepper paste chicken! =)

If you are okay with spicy, then this is will suit you too.
But for me, is not really spicy *just saying*

Let it grill! Let it grill!

They grilled it until there's brunt on the end.
Which make BBQ special =))


Which is like steamboat in kimchi soup with ramen and many different meat, vege and rice cake =))
RM55 (Small)

What I like in Korean food is their ramen, I have no idea how to explain this.
Ramen is the best kind of noodle ever!!
The springy feeling~  Oh man, I want some now =/

Gosh, just by posting up these pics, I wanna have some again!!

I do recommend, you all to try this.
It's really good!!

After that, the waiter brought in this plate of Korean pancake for us.
It's on the house, he said!
Who don't want that?
Just normal pancake, I have to say.
Not much taste, only tasted flour and a bit of vege. Lol!!
Good thing I didn't expect much =))

Although, we ordered not much.
But we were full after finishing everything.
When I say everything. I meant everything!!

Then off to QB
We thought we were full, and yes we were.
But like people say, there's always room for desserts.
So yea, we went to Blackball since Nicole wants it.

But first, let me take a selfie!! Haha #selfie

I bought Starbucks, on the way to Blackball =))

The happy couple, who get to eat Blackball. Lol!!

After dessert, we went to LC's dorm to chill =))

Then we went back home =))

I realized I love to shove pics of food into your faces =D
And I won't stop doing it ;)

P.s. credit me if you take my pics!! LC and Nicole!! =P

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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  1. Your phone takes a great picture of the food. Love all of those dishes and now I'm really hungry!

  2. OMG, yummm!!! I want some of those!!! Made me miss my Korea trip! :)

  3. Everything looks so yummy! Especially that ramen. I miss restaurants like this where you can cook your own food.

  4. i love korean food! and that's really a nice spread you had! looks so yummy!

  5. i am a fan of korean food! now i am craving for bbqs! waahh

    - from gig

  6. The food looks so yummy even with my full tummy T_T I think all Korean food looks delicious *O*
    I think I should try Korean bbq soon!


  7. i love korean food,ahhh so hungry ,i love ramyun
    bring me some lol
    gig love


  8. whoa daorae is one of my favourite korean restaurants too!!! love the bbq meat there! =)


  9. Your dinner looks very yummy!
    Looks like you had loads of fun.
    GIG LOVE | The Life of Leeshastarr

  10. I never tried Korean food beforfe (it's on my to-do list) but these look oh-so yum! Love love love all of them. #drool :D


    <3 Ling
    Blog: http://happylingfish.blogspot.com.au/

  12. sounds fun! i love korean food and bbq. want some now

  13. Korean BBQ. THE NEAREST PLACE FOR ME is soul garden
    GIG love http://www.unlimitedbeautysecret.com/

  14. i love korean food! my fav at the moment is mr dakgalbi! the food is super awesome, you shld try it hun :)

  15. looks like lots of funnn, nothing like this in Malta unfortunately . great post

  16. I love Korean food! Well, my boyfriend is a Korean and owner of Korean restaurants here, so I think it only follows that I like eating the food. The last one looks like tteokpokki, too. :)

  17. Daorae has been my favourite korean food place too, tho it rather pricey... :D

    giglove, www.smallnhot.com

  18. I'm a big fans of Daorae too! Sam gyup sal and kimchi jigae are my favourites and must order everytime I visit Daorae hehe

  19. i love dorae too but i find they r too expensive...i went to another korean place in tmn desa but i forget the name!!speaking bout that i haven have time to post about it!

  20. Your tradition is very nice and I Think that you had a great dinner
    Travel and Fashion Tips

  21. You can't imagine how hungry I'm right now, that's not the best moment to read about a food post :): sounds a loto of fun

  22. I love Korean food. The bulgogi looks yummy. And I ever tried Korean Pancake and I like it. My fave korean food is teokpoki and hoteok (Sorry if I miss-written it )

    GIG Love,


  23. Oh wow!! So much food and it looks delicious!! Glad you had a great time with your friends. gig

  24. so yummy post the food looks so delicious ... i can feel u had awesome time

  25. Looks like an amazing meal - I love ramen too, yours looks delicious here! <3 GIGLove


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