What I Wear on a Game Day!

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Hi Hi =D

I normally don't go to any games that held in a stadium. It's not that I don't want is just that I don't have the opportunity to go since I live in Penang. =(
And there's not much games that is held here. =/

But today, I'm gonna show you guys on what I would wear to a Game Day!!
This outfit is perfect for any kinds of games that's held indoor or outdoor.

Here's a collage of pictures that I put together.
With a quote which is

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They can help you spice up your game day outfit by wearing your favourite team outfit or baseball hat =D
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Before I start explaining, I love to wear as less pieces as possible when I go to a crowded place. =)
Since comfortable is key right??! =D

1. Nike New York Yankees Wool Classic Adjustable Performance Hat - Navy Blue ♥♥
This Navy Blue cap is perfect for me, since I prefer darker colours cap instead of lighter colour, cause it gets dirty easily. =/ 
So, I chose a New York Yankees logo on it, even though I'm not really a fan of them. Actually, is I don't know much about these teams *hide face*
I just like the simple design, instead of the all flowery/ pattern designed cap. I mean those cap are pretty too, but if you go to a game, shouldn't you wear something to support your favourite team?? 

2. Forever 21 Black Star Player Crop Top - White ♥♥
Since this is a game, I really suggest you gals to wear something light and something comfortable. =) 
Cause you will sweat from all the cheering and the heat around, so something comfortable and airy like this is a top I would wear. 

3. High waisted jeans shorts - Light Wash♥♥

I'm already wearing a crop top, wear a high waisted jeans shorts to cover up some fats =P
I know and you guys know that I don't have the perfect body to show it off to people. 
So, a comfortable pair of high waisted shorts is perfect!! 

4. Nike Sneakers - Black and Pink ♥♥

I want a look that is sporty yet cute and comfortable. So, a pair of stylish sneakers is a perfect choice for me to wear. =D 
The pink from the sneakers will also bring out more colour in your outfit. ;)

5. Kate Spade Wristlet - Pink ♥♥

Lastly, I will bring a bright coloured wristlet to brighten up my outfit with me instead of a big handbag. 
Cause in a game, it will of course be very crowded and to prevent things from loosing or stolen. 
Bring a small wristlet and put your important personal belongings and some cash. =) 

Even though I don't have pictures for this, but I would like to tell you guys what I would do with my hair. ♥♥

I would definitely bring a hair tie with me, and when it's getting hot I would tie it up to a ponytail =D 
But if I'm feeling the need to tie it up, I would tie it up into a messy bun instead =D 
I'm sure it will look cute and sporty at the same time. 

And of course for make up, I would put a light layer of BB cream, if the event is held outdoor. =D 

Bring a pack of tissue, in case the gross sweats comes out. =D

Lastly, if the weather is getting cold or is held during night time. 
It's better to bring a cardigan, so that you won't get cold ;) ♥♥

Hope you guys like my tricks and tips. 
Huggssss for all!! ♥♥
And remember that comfort is the most important thing in fashion =) 

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥

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