5 Ways to Style with your Sports Bra

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Hi Hi!! =D
I'm here to talk about a clothing item which I rarely wear, and that is sports bra.
I'm gonna share some few tips on how to style them and make your sports bra into something even more stylish, trendy and worth the catch in everyone's eye. ;)

Here's a little warning,
I'm never really confident in my own body.
But after lots of thinking I decided to show you guys some looks that were out of my comfort zone!
Why? Because this is a opportunity I wouldn't miss!
So you guys better appreciate =P

So let's get started okay?!
Embarrassing level high up to the roof!!

Every woman must already know the true importance of wearing a sports bra especially during those vigorous workout routines. These are a few looks that you can achieve by the simple use of the sports bra clothing item.

1. Pairing sports bra with yoga pants, track pants, or leggings. =) 

This is the most common and simple look that everyone already know.
It is the most suitable for you guys who love to work out and keeping in shape as the tight body hugging piece of clothes will boost up your confidence. ♥♥
This is because experts say that exercising while observing your body up close will give you a sudden push of motivation to work hard.

So here's my look!!
Top : Sports bra [ I don't remember where I bought this, sorry ]
Work Out Pants : Uniqlo
Shoes : Converse

I do have to say this, please wear sports shoes when you do your workout routines. =)

2. Pair your sports bra with a skirt. 

This next look that every girl / woman could pull off is match it with a skirt.
It looks sporty yet girly at the same time, which I find it adorably cute.

Top : Sports Bra
Skirt : Cotton On
Shoes : Converse
Sunglasses : Sephora [ Got it for free ]

The sports bra is the ultimate substitute of a crop top and a combination of a bra, which is awesome!!
I mean come on, you're wearing a piece which is 2 in 1, what else could get better than that? =D
It's light, comfortable and still fashionable for you guys to go out to town with your friends. ♥

3. Match your sports bra with prints!!

I realised that many people buy plain coloured sports bras.
So if you had the body to show it off to everyone, wear it with shorts, skirts with prints on it.
I'm sure it will bring tons of attention and compliments towards your look. ♥♥

This is my look =)
Top : Sports Bra
Bottom : Forever 21

Match your sports bra with a printed skirt!!
Whoever said sports bra are only to be worn during exercise is totally wrong!!

Not only that you can match them with different printed bottoms, you can also match them with printed cardigans too! =)
And it will still look fashionable!!

Top : Sports Bra
Skirt : Cotton On
Cardigan : From a boutique
Shoes : Converse

4. Overlay your sports bra with cardigans or baggy shirt. 

I overlay my sports bra with a open knit sweater, since fall is on the way [Not in Malaysia but still...]
I really like this look, it's comfortable.
And perfect for chilly or rainy days. =)

Top : T r t
Inner : Sports Bra
Bottom : Forever 21

And of course overlay them with your cardigan.
Cardigan is seriously my best friend!! ♥♥
Whenever there's a sudden storm, cardigans will always be there to save me =D
Paired it with a cardigan, your look will become more cosier and comfortable!!

Top : Sports Bra
Skirt : Cotton On
Cardigan : From a boutique
Shoes : Converse

5. Edgy style 

This style is something that is not in my comfort zone.
But I really love it, so I'm here to share it with you guys =D

Overlay your sports bra with a cardigan or a baggy shirt and match it with a slit skirt.
This is perfect for girls who want to attempt the edgy yet trendy look. ♥♥
If you want to add a little feminine element in your look, try on a statement necklace or a sunglasses.

Yay!! We're done!!
These are a few looks that you can style with your sports bra.
Here in Malaysia, not many people are willing to wear just a sports bra and go out to town.
But now with these tips and tricks, I hope you all can do it. =)
Rock these new look when you're going out feeling fashionable all day long! =)

And of course if you guys are really super interested in buying some awesome trendy sports bra.
Go check it out at Zalora's website for your sports bra online shopping.

P.s. : This is a huge step for me to wear these kinds of looks and show it to you guys because I'm not confident in my own body. But I did it for you guys. =)
Hope you guys love this post!! ♥♥
And good luck!!

Special thanks to my besties!!
Love you guys!! Thanks for helping me in the last minute! =)

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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