Easy Floral Nails Tutorial

11:46 PM

Hi Hi pretties!!
As you gals know [ or maybe not ] , I love nail arts.  
If I have the mood and the time.
I will sit in my rooms for hours just to perfect up my nails =)

My other tutorials :

So, here is another tutorial is up for you gals =))
I've wanted to do this post for a long time. But I didn't have the time to find the perfect items for it.
Since now my exam is almost over.
I'm gonna share with you how to do this easy floral nail art =))
Spring is here and Summer is on it's way, why not give our nails a little makeover??

Let's go!!!

Things you will need :
1. 5 - 6 or more toothpicks, make sure they are sharp!!

2. Base colour
    -White nail polish
    -Butter London - Teddy Girl
    -Top coat / Base coat

3. Nail polishes for the design
    -The Face Shop - Mint Green
    -Elianto - Pink
    -O.P.I - A Definite Moust-Have
    -O.P.I - Chic from Ears to Tail

4. Put a recycled paper on your work place, so that it doesn't mess up your table.

Steps :

1. Paint your base colours on your nails.
2. Choose which ever finger you like to paint the white nail polish, I chose the ring finger =)
3. The other 4 fingers, I just paint them with 2 coats of pink

4. Blob the light pink on your ring finger. Irregular shape is the best!!

This is what we are going to do next!! =))

5. Use your toothpick, draw a few outline using a darker colour of the blob you created just now, leave a little gap in between each outline.

6. Then, make a dot in the middle of the blob.

7. This is the tricky part for me!! =0
    Draw few thin lines of curves around the dot you made.
   [This is why your toothpicks must be sharp!! So they can draw the line perfectly! =) ]

8. Use another toothpick, use the green to draw the leaves =)

9. Wait for them to dry, and put on a layer of top coat to make sure they stay longer =)

10.And you are done!!! =DD

Pretty easy, isn't?? =)

Here's another tip :
Your design doesn't have to be really perfect!
It is meant to be messy, so if you messed up a little, just let it go =)

Good luck and have fun!!

Love Me!! XOXO 

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